Beautiful styling for long hair (50 photos) - how to collect naughty curls


A woman with well-groomed long hair always attracts the eyes of others

Beautiful styling for long hair is the basis of a stylish, feminine and charming look. Of course, a short haircut is always versatile and convenient. But what could be more feminine and delightful than luxurious, long curls? This hairstyle allows a woman to experiment boldly with a variety of styles - romantic, business, sport. The main problem that almost all owners of long curls face is the laying of such “wealth”.

Owners of long curls know how hard it is to cope with the lush hair every day. We offer you a list of the best styling for long hair for every day.

You can look stunning and at home, it is not necessary to visit the salon every day

Required Tools

Many owners of curls believe that beautiful styling for long hair is possible only in an expensive beauty salon. This is fundamentally wrong. A little patience, perseverance, effort - and you can learn how to make the most spectacular, fashionable styling and at home. For the home option, it is best to choose several styling - simple, for each day and more complex, which can be done independently for special occasions. But in any case, styling that can be done independently at home for long hair should meet such requirements as simplicity and ease of execution.

For home experiments on the way, you'll need a small set of tools.

Having only a hair dryer and tongs in stock, you can create a mass of various images.

Before you start self-styling long curls at home, you need to take care of the following devices:

  • Hair dryer with a diffuser and other nozzles.
  • Round brush to create body waves.
  • Thin comb for a pile.
  • Iron - necessary to align the curls or create a stylish effect of the corrugation.
  • Curling iron - with the help of this tool you can become the owner of large or small curls in just a few minutes.

If you have been laying your long curls for more than a year and have filled your hand with it, your arsenal may consist of pleyok of different diameters.

For example, with the help of such a thick curling iron, you will have large curls

Large romantic curls on the thick curling

  • For curling long hair will need a variety of curlers - the usual heated hair rollers, foam, large curlers with stickies, papilotki.
  • For styling long hair, you will definitely need a variety of rubber bands, hairpins, hairpins, headbands.
  • And finally, be sure to prepare the means for styling and fixing curls - gel, hairspray, mousse, fixing wax. Also, to preserve healthy, beautiful curls, it will be useful to purchase a special thermal spray, the main purpose of which is to protect the curls from the negative effects of high temperatures.

The ideal solution for girls with thin, sparse hair will be styling with additional volume at the root part.

Beautiful long hair with light waves

Before you begin to self-styling, you should remember a few simple rules by which your hair will always be charming and spectacular.

  1. The ideal solution for girls with thin, sparse hair will be styling with additional volume at the root part. It is not necessary to experiment with small curls - on thin, devoid of the natural volume of the locks such a installation can turn you into a "dandelion".
  2. Women with naughty, thick hair can not do without ironing. With the help of stretching strands you can create a really beautiful, neat hairstyle.
  3. Styling with the effect of wet hair looks original and modern. But it is worth remembering that this option is suitable only for owners of strands curly by nature. Strongly recommended this hairstyle with straight hair.

    The effect of wet hair, or, as they are called, beach curls

  4. And of course, regardless of the option of installation, in any case should not be overly zealous with the locking means. An abundance of lacquer or hair creams can ruin even the most carefully crafted hairstyle.

Tip!All styling, regardless of their complexity, is made only on perfectly clean hair, so be sure to wash your hair before you begin to hairstyle.

Women with naughty, thick hair can not do without ironing. With the help of stretching strands, you can create a really beautiful, neat hairstyle

In no case should not be overly zealous with the locking means. An abundance of lacquer or hairspot can ruin even the most carefully made hairstyle

All styling should be done on perfectly clean hair, if there is no time for washing, it is better to tie a bunch

Stylish styling for long hair at home

The most simple and fast styling - using a hair dryer. It will take you no more than 10 minutes. Before you begin to create a hairstyle, you need to thoroughly wash your hair, wait until the curls are slightly dry and apply a special thermal protective agent on them. This is necessary in order to prevent breakage and delamination of the tips. All strands need to be divided into several parts and secure them with barrettes. Each strand is dried alternately using a round brush, giving the curls the desired shape. On the hair dryer, you need to set the minimum temperature, and at the end of laying - cold air.

Laying with a hair dryer and a round brush is the easiest and most versatile option.

Fix styling varnish medium fixation.

Tip! In order to make the curls more voluminous and airy, when drying, you need to wind the strands with a round brush and pull them up. This simple trick will give the dizzying volume of the radical part.


Extremely simple and easy installation, which, nevertheless, for many years remains one of the most popular and spectacular. As in the previous case, you should wash your hair before styling, then apply a thermo-protective spray and slightly dry it with a hairdryer.

With the help of an ironing you can achieve perfectly even strands.

Perfectly smooth and even hair - it is not only charming, but also universal styling, which is perfect for walking with friends, for a romantic date, and for very solemn occasions

Long hair in a haircut cascade

Tip! In no case do not iron the wet strands. The effect of high temperature can damage even the strongest and healthiest curls, so they need to be slightly dried with a hairdryer before leveling.

After the hair has been dried, divide it into several parts and gently pull each strand with a flat iron, securing the rest with clips. After all the hair has been treated, spray the strands with varnish or spray for additional fixation.

Perfectly smooth and even hair is not only charming, but also universal styling, which is perfect for walking with friends, for a romantic date, and for very special occasions.

The iron can not only align the hair, but also create such air curls

Easy styling for long hair every day

Romantic waves

Very beautiful, gentle and feminine - a girl with romantic curls will never go unnoticed. In order to get chic long waves, it’s not at all necessary to sign up to a beauty salon - a stylish and charming hairstyle can be done on your own. To do this, you can use ordinary curlers.

With the help of proven hair curlers for years, you can twist chic curls

Hair should be washed and a little dry with a hair dryer, then apply foam or mousse on the strands. Wind all hairs on the thermal rollers, highlighting for this strand of the same width, twisting them tightly towards the root part. This will help to result in neat, well-groomed curls. Curlers should be left for 15-20 minutes, warming the strands with a hairdryer. After that, the curlers can be removed, and the resulting waves sprinkle varnish.

Beautiful curls created with hair curlers

Tip!In no case do not comb your hair twisted on curlers. This is to turn romantic waves into unattractive fluffy. In order to fix the hair, strands can be slightly separated by hand.

Graceful curls in the image of the bride

If for some reason you didn’t have hair curlers on hand, this is no reason to deny yourself luxurious curls. In the evening, just before bedtime, wash your hair, apply a little fixing agent on the combed strands and collect all the hair in a tight tail. Tie the tail with a soft rubber band - from a tight elastic can remain an ugly bend on the hair. After that, wrap the hair around the elastic band, and fix the tip with a barrette. In the morning, spread the tail and straighten the curls with your hands - charming curls are ready.

Long hair styling with tongs

With the help of curling, you can become the owner of charming, sweet and romantic curls. Depending on the diameter of the curling iron, small curls or large waves can be obtained. Pre-divide the strands into several parts, after which the comb to select one strand and wind it with forceps. You need to wind up from the face, holding the curl in the forceps for 5-10 seconds. The thickness of the strands can be very different.

Curling irons - one of the most common ways of creating curls in our time

You need to spend 20-30 minutes for this installation.

Pay attention that the wider the strands are, the larger the waves will be.

There is a way to help create curls in 5 minutes

How to wind curls in 5 minutes. Step 1-4

How to wind curls in 5 minutes. Step 5-8

The strands are spirally curled, and the tool itself is recommended to be held vertically - this way you can get natural, smooth curls. You can curl both the hair along the entire length and the tips themselves - depending on what result you would like to get. At the end of styling, separate the strands with your hands and fix the hair with lacquer.

Long curled hair

The wider the strands, the larger the waves will be

Easy negligence

Stylish and modern version of styling long hair, which is light and deliberate negligence. Hairstyle is performed using a diffuser - a special nozzle for a hairdryer. On hair, pre-washed, it is necessary to apply a heat-shielding and fixing agent, for example, mousse or foam. Then all the hair should be twisted with a kind of flagella, after which each flagellum is inserted into the diffuser, placing the strand between the teeth of the nozzle. Thus, all the flagella are treated completely, after which they are unwound and the styling is corrected by hand. It is better not to use a comb, because otherwise the curls lose their lightness and accuracy.

On hair, pre-washed, it is necessary to apply a heat-shielding and fixing agent, for example, mousse or foam. Then all the hair should be twisted with a kind of flagella, after which each flagellum is inserted into the diffuser, placing the strand between the teeth of the nozzle

You can also give volume to the hair roots.

The result is such springy curls

Elegant classics

Of course, flowing long hair is a charming and luxurious hairstyle that gives an image of femininity and refinement. But in some cases, loose curls deliver some inconvenience. In such cases, you can make a beautiful styling with tied hair - for example, a classic tail. This simple and incredibly elegant hairstyle is perfect for almost any occasion - from festive events to business negotiations.

Traditional ponytail - magic wand for every day

To make styling on the hair of this length you need to spend at least an hour, so the horse's tail is best in this case

To make an image with a romantic tail, you can comb the hair on the top of the head, and replace the elastic band with a ribbon in the color of the blouse

One variation of Malvinka hairstyle

Gently comb all the hair back, tilting your head back, gather them with a rubber band at the top of the head. In order to make the tail neat and smooth, gently smooth the hair with mousse or gel. But carefully make sure that the amount of funds was minimal, otherwise the hairstyle will look untidy.

Cabin styling for special occasions

More sophisticated salon styling for special occasions is an excellent choice for girls who are used to trust professionals. In the salon, you can make a complex, spectacular hairstyle, which is quite difficult to perform independently, at home.

Bow tie

Hair in the form of a bow is a real gift for all lovers of creativity and originality. If you want to impress others at the reception, be sure to turn your attention to the laying-bow. This hairstyle is quite difficult to do yourself, but the master will be able to cope with it in record time.

The high beam is framed by a bow of hair

Tall bow - elegant and unusual

Low bow

The technique of styling is as follows - all hair is gently smoothed with wax or mousse and gathered in a high tail. After that, all the strands in the tail are divided into three parts, one of which is individually pinned with a barrette, and the two remaining strands are turned inward in such a way as to form the sides of the bow. The remaining strand must be wrapped around the base of the formed bow, and the tip hidden inside the bow, tightly fixed with hairpins. The tips of all strands should be fixed with pins, and the final touch will be the use of strong hair lacquer. Now you can safely go to the party - even after dancing your hairstyle will remain perfect.

Rock-style styling

Stylish styling in the style of rock is ideal for bright girls with creative taste.

Rock style hairstyle is high head and braids

Hairstyle is performed as follows - carefully washed and combed curls are divided into two halves, one of which is intended to create a comb, and the other for luxurious waves. The strands above the frontal part are gently combed with a comb with fine teeth, forming a pile, which is then fixed with pins. The comb should be as neat as possible - all loose strands or protruding hairs should be fixed with wax for the hair. The remaining half of the hair is wound on a curling iron or hair curlers, creating romantic curls. In the final hairstyle you need to sprinkle hair spray. Stylish rock styling is great for a youth party or going to a nightclub.

Magnificent Mohawk

Extravagant rock hairstyle

This hairstyle is suitable for every day

No less attractive look braids on long hair. To date, there are a huge number of varieties of braids - fish tail, French waterfall, elegant openwork braids, weaving in the Greek style. All these hairstyles are extraordinarily beautiful, and also quite complex in implementation, so it is best to entrust the creation of such a hairdressing masterpiece to professionals.

Spit on long hair - the best decoration

Boho hairstyle

How to braid a boho hairstyleHow to braid a braid in the form of a roseSpit in the form of a rose: the finished result

Spit-waterfall on long hair

At the end of the 90s of the last century, the tendency towards general short haircuts became ubiquitous among both ordinary women and among pop and movie stars. It got to the point that a few stellar owners of long hair in an interview asked the same question: "How do you live with such an atypical hairstyle?".

Gradually, this fashion has subsided, now the beauties show the whole range of hairs of different lengths: from ultrashort pixies to maximum quafur, sometimes even below the knees. The only problem is that fashion, as usual, is merciless, and often it is followed rather thoughtlessly. Women for some reason often do not want to reckon with the fact that long flowing hair is completely irrelevant in the work environment - in offices, shops, not to mention medicine or the service sector.

Braided or high-haired curls are a great everyday choice. Do not forget that long hair is really feminine and beautiful, but only if the strands are healthy and well-groomed. Thin, rare, splitting "three hairs", scattered over the shoulders, look just unaesthetic. A logical option, while much more beautiful, will be a haircut of medium or even short length. The main thing is that the hair should be treated and properly cared for.