Bulgur groats - what is the best recipes for eating it


Bulgur has been unusually popular in Asian countries for many years, and finally it has appeared on the shelves of our stores!

Krupa called Bulgur came to us from ancient times. There is no specific data on the time and place of appearance of bulgur. But according to unspecified information, it is being prepared for almost 4 thousand years. Unfortunately, historians describe battles with much more zeal than the culinary tastes of their contemporaries. It is assumed that his birthplace is the Middle East or the Mediterranean. Even today, there, and also in India and Armenia, bulgur is extremely popular. And the culinary past of these countries is certainly rich. Therefore, there is reason to believe that the product of this age is respectable.

At its core, bulgur is the same wheat, only steamed

What are we dealing with?

At its core, Bulgur (also called Burgul) is the same wheat. She was collected, steamed, partially cleaned of shells and crushed into small pieces. You can compare it with a yachka. It is prepared in the same way, only without steaming.

Steamed grains of wheat undergo the process of drying under the sun, only after that they are shelled and crushed. From this dish from Bulgur acquires a completely unique taste and aroma. But you only need a bit of butter and a normally heated pan. Then bulgur will begin to exude that thinnest nut aroma. It is on him that gourmets get hooked. Handle wheat with steel in Asia. He gained special love in Turkey.

For nutritional value, it can be compared with pasta from durum wheat. It lacks iron, magnesium and phosphorus. But it is valued primarily for low glycemic index carbohydrates. And it does not take long to prepare - it has already been steamed. By the way, the smallest one can even not boil, just pour boiling water and let it stand.

With all the nutritional value of Bulgur, not everyone is familiar with this product. This shredded wheat has several varieties. It can be hard and soft, with different grain sizes. Large grains - pilavlik, smaller - koftelik.

But in any form, the content is invariable. Five main advantages:

  • does not spoil the shape;
  • satiates;
  • delicious;
  • inexpensive;
  • useful.

What more could you want!

It lacks iron, magnesium and phosphorus. But it is valued primarily for low glycemic index carbohydrates.

Use in detail

Judging by the composition, this crushed wheat has retained all the properties inherent in the wheat grain, all that is possible to extract from food. But we all know that one, even the most valuable product cannot replace a full-fledged diet. In addition, it is unlikely anyone will replace their diet. Such a rich composition makes it obvious that the benefits that bulgur is inherent.

So what is he good at? Eat and heal!

  • An almost complete set of vitamins B, with the exception of B12, indicates that consumption of this product will make it easy to tolerate stress and any problems.
  • Cellulose allows regularly in the body to carry out a "general cleaning", bringing out deposits of toxins, allowing free substances to enter the blood. It also makes this cereal especially attractive for those who want to lose weight.
  • It saturates the body perfectly, but it is not in a hurry to be converted into glucose, and this is the body's performance, the splitting of fat reserves, the decrease in blood sugar. This means, moreover, that diabetics can safely use it.
  • Mineral salts make the skin and hair "alive", a healthy shade will not disappear from the face, and the hair will gain shine and will grow rapidly.

Everyone knows that a well-chosen diet, like healthy food, is the basis of good health, excellent well-being, great appearance. Only an introduction to the diet of this cereal, you will provide your body with a whole vitamin complex.

Cellulose allows you to regularly carry out a "general cleaning", leading to the accumulation of toxins, allowing you to easily enter the blood of useful substances

Its easy digestibility by the body and the ability to excellent digestion make the product particularly valuable for those who are constantly and professionally involved in sports, in hard work associated with regular physical exertion.

Edible Healer

Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, it successfully fights against inflammatory processes of a chronic nature.

As a source of dietary fiber, bulgur is endowed with anti-cancer properties.
Forcing food to move faster through the intestines, reducing the secretion of bile and effectively using insulin reserves, thereby reducing the likelihood that stones form in the gallbladder.

Tip! Met on the counter with bulgur brown cereal - take. It is her highest value and all utility.

It contains everything a man needs. It is able to cleanse and saturate the body, body and health without causing any damage. And if you consider that it costs some pennies, there is no price for it.

Harm and contraindications

Like any useful product, Bulgur cannot do without some features. It will not be superfluous to meet them before it becomes part of your diet. After all, for some, the product may even be deadly.

Bulgur is a very high-calorie product. It is rather a disadvantage than harm

There are people whose digestive system cannot digest gluten, and it is contained in bulgur. This vegetable protein is known to be a strong allergen, which means it is quite capable of causing a strong allergic reaction. Often a person does not even know about his features.

This disease is called celiac disease. But patients with such a diagnosis cannot use this rump so that the well-known symptoms do not appear: a sharp deterioration in health, diarrhea and flatulence. Only one way out - to eliminate the bulgur from the diet immediately.

The abundance of fiber, such a useful property, makes Bulgur dangerous for patients when gastritis and various inflammatory processes of the gastrointestinal tract become more acute.

Bulgur is a very high-calorie product. It is rather a disadvantage than harm. But if you are on a diet, hoping to lose weight, do not lean on it too much. Although, even the smallest portion will saturate the body, relieve hunger, thanks to fiber.

Tip! Do not forget about regular active training. Without them, the effect will not be achieved.

Bulgur in your house

"Overseas products" often do not receive proper distribution for the simplest reason: housewives do not know what to do with them, what to cook with them.

For almost 4 thousand years, Armenians and Azeris, Indians and Turks, even Greeks fell in love with him. Cooks of any of these nations know that it is possible to create anything from this cereal, from ordinary porridge to delicious pilaf.

Habitual to the rumor of Russian housewives stuffed pepper with bulgur, replacing them with rice

The East has long since tried and appreciated dolma (it resembles cabbage rolls) from bulgur with meat and grape leaves, taboo salads, kisir salads. Even peppers, familiar to the rumor of Russian housewives, are stuffed with bulgur, replacing rice with it. To very many meat or fish dishes, it can be served instead of potatoes or rice. Recipes are many. Neither honey, nor sugar, nor nuts suffer from a combination with it. The taste of food from this only better and healthier.

Bulgur Slimming

Those carbohydrates that are very important in weight correction should be slow. Wheat flour is often present fast food, baking, convenience foods - irreconcilable enemies of the figure. But bulgur is the right wheat. Porridge from it can be for the body a real cleaner. Of course, you can lean on vegetables, because they are the suppliers of fiber, but cereals with their capabilities are far from superfluous.

Of course, the owner of an unbridled appetite will not have to talk about losing weight. Porridge is always high in calories. But even with a small amount it will satisfy and help digestion.

So the diet without it is incomplete, it is also suitable for fasting days.

Bulgur in cosmetology

This cereal will take care of your beauty. Give her that opportunity. This amount of vitamins, various useful elements that are contained in it is a real find for anyone who cares about the health of their skin and hair. And there is very little to do: prepare a decoction or steamed crushed bulgur.

Bulgur is the right wheat. Porridge from it can be for the body a real cleaner

If you use the croup as a scrub, you will get smooth, clean skin.
Hair masks on the bulgur promote hair growth, strengthen, make them bulky and shiny.

The mask from the bulgur rejuvenating effect on mature skin, especially if it is enhanced by the addition of honey and egg white (or yolk).

Wrap from Bulgur with olive oil is an effective remedy for cellulite.

Cooking: the best recipes

Usually, for making porridge, dry cereal is fried first in melted butter until a nutty smell appears. The croup is even allowed to burn slightly. And only then, when water is added (1: 2), it is brewed under a lid for about fifteen minutes.

A traditional tool for cooking bulgur is a wok pan

But her diet is not called. So, if you are on a diet, you do not have to boil bulgur (it is sold steamed). You just soak it in warm water and do it a few times. Groats should swell. Now you can eat.

A traditional tool for cooking bulgur is a wok pan.

Bulgur to garnish

If we are going to cook it with vegetables, then a pound of cereal will need a kilogram of eggplants, a pound of tomatoes, red pepper, onions and butter (preferably olive oil. All vegetables are cut into cubes (tomatoes are without peels). First eggplants are fried with onions, tomatoes are added to them, everything is stewed a little more. Then the grain is laid out, it is poured with a liter of boiled water and kept for an hour on low heat. As soon as it is cooked, let it stand for about fifteen minutes without a lid, so that the dish will dry a bit.

Usually, to make porridge, dry cereal is roasted first in melted butter until a nutty smell appears.

To cook with beef, first 400 grams of meat is cut into small cubes, laid out in a frying pan, poured with water to hide the meat under it. All this should boil. Only now you can add salt and leave on a low heat for another couple of hours under the lid. In the meantime, one carrot is sliced ​​into strips, and two onions into rings. Before you add vegetables to the meat, you have to pour the broth into another bowl, add the butter and fry the meat with carrots and onions for ten minutes. With broth, you need to stew for another half an hour. Now you can add bulgur to send stew for another twenty minutes, then another fifteen - with garlic and pepper. Now it is ready.

Bulgur in the multicooker

To prepare it using this miracle of technology, there are own recipes.

  • To cook porridge, peeled carrots need to be grated, with it add a glass of cereal to the bowl, season with salt and crushed garlic, pour a glass of water. Do not forget to add a piece of butter. Set the device on the "pilaf", and with the sound of the signal of the readiness of the dish it can be eaten.

Bulgur goes well with vegetables

  • In bags it is even easier to cook. First, bring a liter of water in the "steaming" mode to boil for 5 minutes. Add salt and a bag of bulgur and a spoonful of raisins. Mode to keep the same, and the time - 25 minutes. After the signal, pour the prepared cereal into plates, add butter. Even if your baby does not like cereal, he will eat this with pleasure. Bulgur does not look like porridge at all, but how useful it is!

Bulgur soups

Their taste will be exquisite with a nutty aroma. As, for example, "Soup of brides". It is especially popular in Turkish land. The matter is not even in the composition, the usual soup from bulgur with lentils, it is very easy to cook.

All because of the legend of Ezo, the extraordinary beauty of the girl, who lived at the beginning of the last century in Anatolia. At first, her parents married her, but the marriage was unsuccessful, the other occupied the heart of her young husband. In the second marriage, she became the wife of her relative and went with him to his homeland in Syria. Here life did not develop, and even did not get along with the mother-in-law. She missed being so far from her relatives. And this soup, from bulgur and lentils, created in honor of the mother. He began to be called "Ezo chorbasi".

Bulgur soup with lentils

A little later, all the brides of Turkey adhered to a new tradition, according to which, each one before the wedding, it was necessary to cook this soup in order to make her life in the new family happily. And she cooked it like this:

  • She took a pan, poured water (2.5 l), added 150 grams of lentils, brought to a boil. Then she poured bulgur (the same 150 g), three tablespoons of dried sweet pepper, spices. Under the lid cooked it all on a small fire for about ten minutes.
  • While waiting, she chopped a head of onion with small rings and fried it lightly with tomato paste to send it all to the brew, a teaspoon of dried mint - there too, and continued cooking for another twenty minutes.
  • The decoration of the finished dish became fragrant cilantro, or any greens.

Now that you have learned a lot, he will certainly take a worthy place in your kitchen. Moreover, it will successfully replace pasta and potatoes, which are pretty fed up with. And if you want, he will take care of your beauty.