Accurate horoscope for 2018 on the signs of the zodiac


Will the Yellow Earth Dog be favorable to everyone? Will prompt the most accurate horoscope for 2018 according to the signs of the zodiac.


Aries are under the special protection of the symbol of the year.

In the coming year, Aries can meet their half. Chances to find true love will increase significantly closer to the summer. Family members of the sign should be patient and less jealous of their partner. Everything will work out extremely well in the work, significant career growth is possible. There is enough money for everything, you can not even worry about it. Health is good, but there is a threat to gain a few extra pounds. To keep yourself in shape, you should lean on fruits and vegetables, and sweet and flour, at least temporarily excluded from the diet.


Taurus will have to wait a little bit with spending

Relationship with the chosen one at Taurus develops remarkably. Instead of a heap of criticism, it is better to shower your loved one with compliments - he will definitely appreciate it. Lonely Taurus should take a low start position, because the coming year has prepared many exciting dates for them. But finances are not so rosy: in the first half it is worth tightening the belt more tightly. But in the summer is expected to increase the post or a substantial increase in salary. Taurus has so many things to do in the coming period that he simply has no time to hurt. True, you should pay attention to the health of your teeth, to maintain a smile in perfect condition.


In the love sphere, Gemini boils serious passions!

Before the charm of Gemini in 2018, no one can resist. A lonely representative of the sign expects a sea of ​​compliments, love confessions and even offers of hands and hearts. Family too will not be bored: some are waiting for pleasant travel, others buying real estate, third moving, and the fourth the birth of a small miracle. In 2018, it is better to refrain from major purchases. At work, no special changes are foreseen, so you should not get out of the budget. With health, everything is generally good, but it can fail. Morning exercise, swimming, refusing to carry weights and normalizing weight will help to cope with this problem.


Unfortunately, there will be no Cancer this year without love

If the Cancers do not drive the negative emotions inward, but simply discuss the problem with your loved one, mutual understanding will quickly be restored. However, even if the partner comes to the idea of ​​separation, you should not be sad - the new relationship will develop extremely well. Lonely Crayfish waiting for increased attention from the opposite sex. In the first months of 2018, there will always be conflicts at work. If you want to try yourself in a new field, you should take a chance. At the end of the year, the financial situation stabilizes. Health will not fail, but you should beware of stress and overwork. In order to avoid disruptions, it is necessary to rest and drink calming herbal teas more often.

a lion

Lions can successfully use their external data for promotion, but it is not worth going further than a light flirtation.

Lions and so the people are hot, and in the new year their attractiveness will have no limit at all. Single sign representatives can meet their love in the summer or early fall. Lviv, which are already married, is waiting for the second honeymoon. At the beginning of the year it is desirable to moderate appetites and not to throw money around. But in the summer, a promotion is possible, a sea of ​​good deals and great deals. Lions engaged in sedentary work should include physical exercise in their routine. But the overly energetic representatives of the sign must, on the contrary, save their strength.


Virgo this year will be able to thoroughly replenish the budget

A modest Virgin waited and waited and waited: according to the horoscope for 2018, according to the signs of the zodiac, she will bathe in attention, gifts and compliments. It is worth listening to your heart to make the right choice. Family representatives of the sign is waiting for a new round in the relationship. The financial well-being of the Virgin in the coming year depends solely on her: there will be no laziness - and the money will flow like a river. Sign representatives need a good rest. Healthy sleep is the best way to strengthen the immune system and restore strength.


Weights in the second half of the year waiting for career growth and the chance to open your business

In the coming year, in the sphere of Libra relations, emotional swings are waiting: ups and downs will replace each other at lightning speed. It is necessary to maintain patience and to keep in check our ardent temperament, otherwise there may be deplorable consequences. With money you need to behave very carefully. Do not take on debt obligations - there is a risk not to calculate the force. In the middle of spring, Libra would be nice to go to a sanatorium. In the coming year, it is generally worth paying increased attention to health.


Scorpio horoscope warns: the more you will show the sting, the less chance of success

In 2018, Scorpios will meet, fall in love, flirt and run on romantic dates. In order to succeed, it is better to hide your dictatorial manners and surround your partner with affection and love. It is important for the representatives of the sign to be married to keep relatives at a distance, otherwise they can spoil the family relationship. If Scorpio shows perseverance and diligence, it will certainly achieve excellent results in the field of career and finance. Success will come in the middle of the year. Representatives of the sign who dream of opening their business can safely implement their plans. The health of the sign during this period can only be envied. Traveling to distant countries will charge you with energy and allow you to have a good rest. The only thing is to be careful driving, especially in the first half of the year.


Streltsov will pull to the left ... Or to the right ... In general, in all directions, just to have more attention!

Streltsov awaits surprises in his personal life, for example, a passion with a former partner may suddenly flare up. The main thing is to control emotions, so as not to destroy your own happiness. In the first half of the year, money will flow away from the representatives of the sign, so it is better to prepare in advance for this situation. But at the end of the summer promotion is possible or receive a bonus. Serious diseases in the new year they will be able to avoid. It is more often to get out into nature, to be charged with its strength and energy.


Year is fruitful for Capricorns financially

Capricorn is waiting for new interesting acquaintances. Even family members of the sign will want thrills, so they will flirt right and left. At such moments, it is worth thinking about the second half - it is unlikely she will appreciate such pressure. At the beginning of the year, Capricorns risk becoming a victim of fraudsters, so you should be wary of risky transactions. By the fall, a promotion is possible or money can be received from a very unexpected source. In 2018, the main thing is not to overwork. Compliance with the daily regimen and healthy sleep will relieve headaches and also charge you with positive energy.


If Aquarius decided to put himself in shape this year, then it is better not to find a period

In the coming year, freedom-loving Aquarius risks losing their heads from love. Do not immediately tell your surroundings about the new passion - it is better to first check the relationship. Career develops extremely well, the wallet is always full. A lottery win or unexpected inheritance is possible. However, the loss is also not excluded, so you should remain vigilant. If Volodya is determined to lose weight, the end of spring and summer are best for this purpose. Fresh vegetables and fruits, sunbathing and physical activity will help get rid of extra pounds.


Pisces should be more friendly towards relatives and forgive them their petty mistakes.

Pisces in love should not idealize their partner - he is not as perfect as it seems. It is better to accept it for what it is, along with all the strange features and disadvantages. In the financial sphere, representatives of the sign are waiting for prosperity. Favorable offers, successful transactions, promotion are possible. Do not miss your chance - you can achieve truly brilliant results! The Achilles heel of Pisces will be the legs. Warm baths and physical activity will relieve unpleasant sensations.

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