16 rules of life for successful women


We present to your attention the 16 simple rules of life of a woman who values ​​himself from Helen Fielding.

  1. Do not freak out. Only without panic. Stop, breathe, think.
  2. Nobody cares about you. Everyone is busy with themselves, just like you.
  3. Never cut your hair before a big event.
  4. It does not happen that something is so bad or so wonderful as it seems at first glance.
  5. Do things to people the way you want them to do to you (for example, don't kill).
  6. It is better to buy one cool expensive thing than a few cheap, but so-so.
  7. In fact, there are very few important things in life. Before you kill yourself, ask yourself: "Is it really that important or does it only seem to me?"
  8. The key to victory is the ability to survive a defeat and move on.
  9. Be honest and kind.
  10. Buy only those things that make you want to get up and dance a little.

    Less is better

  11. Trust your instincts, not your ardent imagination.
  12. If it seems that a catastrophe has occurred, check it out - is it a catastrophe? How to check:
    a) Tell yourself: well, to hell with him!
    b) find the good side of this whole thing. If not, then find something funny.
    If it does not work out, then maybe this is really a disaster. Then see points 1 and 5.
  13. Life is not a picnic on the grass. Do not expect that everything will be fair and wonderful.
  14. Sometimes you have to bend over.
  15. Do not regret anything. Remember: given the properties of your personality and the state of the world at that time, you could not do otherwise. The only thing you can change is the present, so learn from your mistakes.
  16. If you start to regret something, to think that “I should have done this,” always add: “but maybe then I would be hit by a truck or the Japanese torpedo would be blown to shreds”.

(c) Helen Fielding "Olivia Joles, or Ardent Imagination."