Contraindications to eyebrow tattoo


Eyebrow tattoo - a type of permanent makeup. This cosmetology service every year is gaining popularity among women of any age. After all, thanks to the tattoo, you can emphasize the expressiveness of the eyebrows, add color and thickness to them, change the shape, and most importantly, reduce the precious time that you have to spend daily on makeup. Unfortunately, this technique has a number of contraindications that must be considered. And also it is worth paying attention to the season suitable for the procedure.

Types of contraindications for permanent eyebrow makeup

The tattooing technique involves a slight injury to the upper layer of the epidermis. A specially designed device for the procedure subcutaneously (no deeper than 1.5 mm.) Is injected dye pigment. Manipulation is quite painful, therefore, anesthetics are required. Most often, a special gel is used for these purposes, which is applied to the area of ​​future tattoo before the start of the session. There are a number of restrictions for permanent eyebrow makeup.

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Taiwan is considered the birthplace of permanent eyebrow makeup. It was there that the first devices and paint for this technique appeared.

Contraindications are absolute when making a tattoo is strictly prohibited. With relative contraindications, manipulation is possible only if certain conditions are met.

Absolute contraindications

Eyebrow tattoo can not be carried out by people:

  • suffering from diabetes in the acute stage;
  • with low blood clotting, including diagnoses of hemophilia and thrombocytopathy;
  • prone to the formation of keloids in places of skin damage;
  • with oncology, hepatitis and HIV;
  • staying in the acute phase of chronic diseases;
  • with foci of psoriasis in the areas of the intended area of ​​the tattoo;
  • with severe abnormalities of the abdominal organs, kidney and liver failure;
  • in a state of altered consciousness, alcohol and drug intoxication;
  • suffering from epilepsy and serious mental disorders;

People with low blood clotting eyebrow tattoo is absolutely contraindicated

Relative contraindications

These include:

  • The patient is not feeling well, including the flu, the common cold, and the common cold. Before the procedure of tattooing is desirable to fully recover.
  • Taking potent drugs such as antibiotics, retinoids and other pharmacological drugs. You can not do a tattoo during a course of chemotherapy. It will be safe to carry out the procedure only after 2-3 weeks (and in some cases later) after the end of treatment.
  • The presence of moles, papillomas and warts in the area of ​​tattoo. They must be removed and wait for complete healing of the wound.
  • Hypertension and unstable blood pressure. Such people should measure the performance before the procedure, and if necessary take a hypotensive drug.
  • Tendency to allergies. It is necessary to conduct an analysis in advance of the tolerability of the paint that the master will use for the tattoo. In addition, you need to individually choose an analgesic that will not cause a reaction.
  • Acute stage of herpes, as well as bacteriological or allergic conjunctivitis. In this case, you should postpone the procedure and wait for recovery.
  • Period of menstruation. At this time, women are not recommended to do a tattoo, as the quality of blood clotting decreases and the pain threshold increases. For a successful procedure, it is advised to perform it in the middle of the menstrual cycle.
  • Pregnancy and lactation. There are no exact data on the dangers of the procedure, since all over the world clinical trials in pregnant and lactating women are prohibited. Despite this, doctors insist on delaying with such interventions in order to avoid unjustified risks.
  • Age up to 18 years. Before attaining majority, eyebrow tattoo is performed only in the most extreme cases.

Pregnancy is a contraindication for eyebrow tattooing. The procedure should be postponed.

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How to choose a favorable time of year for tattooing

In addition to the above limitations, you should consider the time of year in which you plan to carry out the procedure. The opinion of experts in this matter is different.

Some of them do not recommend doing a tattoo in the winter months. They argue that at this time the human body is weakened from a lack of vitamins and more susceptible to various kinds of infections. Therefore, if you decide to do a tattoo of eyebrows in the winter, you should advance the immunity with a multivitamin complex and a course of antiviral drugs. In addition, for two weeks after the procedure, it is important to be monitored by a doctor in order, if necessary, to prevent an unexpected and unwanted reaction of the body in time.

Important! Try to avoid hypothermia and obvetrivaniya in the area of ​​fresh tattoo eyebrows.

To the result of the procedure of tattoo you liked, strictly follow the tips and recommendations for care

Other experts argue that it is highly undesirable to do a tattoo in the summer. It is believed that because of the heat and the bright sun to care for the eyebrows will be very difficult. The healing period of the injured area increases, the chance of inflammatory reactions increases, and the paint can burn out in the sun. Therefore, it is best to postpone the procedure to a cooler season.

If you want to preserve the color and brightness of the eyebrows, apply a sunscreen with an SPF not lower than 30 before tanning or a summer walk on the tattoo area.


Together with a friend made eyebrow tattooing, master Evgenia Dushenkin. I saw a friend, as made tattooed eyebrows and lips, I liked it. Personal impressions: I was offered a choice of shades of colors, chose a natural brown, anesthetized with cream, after half an hour the master painted eyebrows on my skin, I was asked to look at the color, shape, symmetry. after correcting minor flaws began to do a tattoo. It feels like it is painful to pinch an eyebrow. Did the "hair" technique. I was a little scared of what would happen, but when I looked in the mirror, all my fears were dispelled. My face has changed. When everything healed, no correction was needed. My friend also really liked the result!



I want to talk about the unsuccessful experience of the procedure of tattoo. Who is not very familiar with the procedure, it is a procedure like a tattoo, but paint is not so deeply injected into the skin, so with time the tattoo fades. And the difference is that tattooing is done by natural Karassk materials like henna. Did a tattoo last summer. I recommend to look at the master in the salon, what material the master uses, what experience the master has, perhaps there is a book of reviews. It is better if the masters are recommended to you by acquaintances who have already had his tattooed procedure done by deeds before. See how the brows turned out with a friend. As it was in my case, I had a master on recommendations, with great experience. The optimum eyebrow shape that you like is selected. Draw the shape of the eyebrows. Eyebrows that extend beyond this shape are plucked. Disinfected place of work. A tattooed tattoo is made with a thin needle. A little pain, endure. The pain is less tolerable. If not, then you can anoint the gel for frying. In the masters it is always available. Be sure to talk, with the master, that if you have a low pain defect, that she would have the gel ready, smear it in case of pain. In the future, the eyebrow will be covered with a crust, which will disappear in a couple of weeks, it disappeared from me in a week. And only then you will see your new, beautiful edge. The master should give you advice on caring for healing. He will advise you to buy an ointment that softens the healing crust. After a couple of weeks, the crust subsides, and you will come to the master for correction. If there are irregularities somewhere, that would fix it. The cost of 1000-2000 rubles. In the spotlight master correction is not required. An experienced master from the first procedure does very smoothly. In my case, the correction was not required. But for some reason my tattoo disappeared in a year. At first I was upset that my eyebrows turned out very dark, then the paint was a little washed off and the new eyebrows became lighter, just the shade that was needed. But you still need to maintain the shape of the eyebrows. Pull out any excess eyebrows. But they are not necessary to tint. Less time is spent on makeup. But I know friends who have a permanent makeup and three and five years, normally holds, unlike me, who washed off after a year. Now you still have to tint paint. I am not planning on a new correction. Although the tattoo was supposed to last for 5 years. My acquaintances have a tattoo that lasts 5 years, Of course it lightens with time, but not as fast as mine.



I never intended to improve my appearance. But I had to! My eyebrows, as I thought, are a normal classical form. And never tinted even. But with the "growing up" they lost their natural shape and color. Generally decided! Anesthesia using a gel is quite normal, only if the master held the instrument for a long time in one place, it was slightly unpleasant. The eyebrow area is less sensitive compared to the tattooed area of ​​the eyelids and lips. That's how my eyebrows looked after coming out of the salon. No swelling yet. Tattoo was performed with brown pigment. As the master - brown pigment told me over time will change its brightness and will look naturally. I recommend the tattoo if your eyebrows require tinting, or are not expressed. It is convenient, safe.



High-quality permanent makeup, especially eyebrow tattoo, will highlight the natural beauty of your face. In order to experience joy at seeing your own reflection in the mirror, as well as to avoid unpleasant consequences, you should always consult with your doctor and cosmetologist before the procedure.