40 stylish summer images with sandals: trends 2019


Sandals are comfortable and beautiful shoes that come in handy in every summer wardrobe. Modern models are so diverse that each can find a pair to their own taste, regardless of the chosen style. Wearing 2019 sandals can be worn with almost any summer clothes - from light denim trousers to elegant dresses.

Which sandals to choose in 2019: fashion trends

Choosing shoes is often not an easy task. It is very important that the sandals are comfortable, because in the summer, quality of materials and comfort are especially important. In addition, it is good if a purchased new pair of shoes fits most of your wardrobe items - so before you go to the store, you should review the things in your closet and decide which models you should consider. Finally, we should not forget about fashion trends: pick up a pair of sandals in the current color scheme and with an interesting design.

What colors are in fashion

The trend of this season is ultraviolet. This is a purple shade of purple, giving a blue - it symbolizes innovation, creativity and courage. At the same time sandals in this shade are suitable not only for the most modern bows, they can become a bright highlight even in a conservative dress.

If you want to look really bright this summer, it is definitely worth considering ultraviolet sandals.

In a fashion this summer and tomato shades of red - instead of a bright scarlet color is preferable to softer muffled options. With this color scheme, you can afford a bold design: composite shades of red look less defiant than pure color. In such shoes you will always look elegant and impeccable.

Tomato-style sandals look elegant and are perfect for evening wear

The blooming hue of dahlia is another fashionable solution for this summer. Soft pastel pink goes to almost everyone and will allow you to look feminine in any situation.

Stylish pink sandals to decorate your bow in a romantic style

Lime fresh shades are also in trend - if you want to create a really bright and sunny image, you should consider shoes in a similar color scheme. Nevertheless, it is unlikely that such a pair of shoes will be universal: it may not be easy to pick up clothes for lime open shoes. At the same time with discreet sets in white or black, extravagant lime sandals will always look appropriate.

Bright yellow-green shoes with an interesting modern design diversifies the summer wardrobe.

Sea blue is another fashionable color for sandals in the new season. Such options will become for you a base pair of shoes - it is very easy to choose the right clothes for them, and if you want to add some bright accessories, dark blue shoes will not conflict with them.

Thanks to discreet colors, you can choose models with an interesting eye-catching decor.

Styles at the peak of popularity

The models of sandals are quite varied: you can find a variety of options to complement your everyday outfit, and to come out. To decide on a choice, proceed from your own convenience and situation, and also consider the most relevant trend options. For example, platform sandals remain in fashion: it can be either everyday models on a flat sole, resembling a sabot, or wide-heel options that refer to the vintage style in modern interpretation - such sandals will fit the evening as well as possible.

Futuristic models in black will allow you to look both discreetly and unusually.

It is worth considering options for heels with a concise design. Such models are especially good in light colors. They are absolutely versatile and perfectly complement any bow: from casual denim pants with a T-shirt to a business suit or evening dress.

Minimalistic light sandals visually make legs more slender

Models on a flat sole in the Greek style - this is one of the most comfortable options for the summer. You will not get tired of them, even if you have to spend a whole day on your feet. They are indispensable for every day and in the city, and the seaside resort. Simple sandals on a flat sole actually look with wide skirts, light sundresses and shorts.

Flat sandals look simple and elegant

Materials and invoices

The material of sandals 2019 is of great importance - it will depend not only on your comfort and convenience of shoe care, but also on the visual effect. However, nowadays, the mixing of a wide variety of styles and textures is in fashion, so the unusual material of the shoes would rather be an advantage than a disadvantage. Nevertheless, the classic options can not be abandoned. Choose actual textures that best fit into your wardrobe.

The most popular are models of genuine or artificial leather. This pleasant material looks good with almost any clothes, and also it is easy to care for such footwear. If you choose a pair of casual sandals, it is better to consider options from matte leather.

Leather sandals look discreet and stylish

Snake leather and crocodile leather shoes are expensive, but now you can find very high-quality imitations. In addition, any option of additional texture on the skin will be relevant - for example, embossing. Such models of sandals will be a highlight in your image.

Textured leather looks very exotic.

If you want even more variety of texture, you can choose summer shoes from suede or nubuck. This is a great material for every day and for a special occasion. The only negative - such sandals will require careful maintenance. Nevertheless, the softness of this material and the unusual appearance make suede and nubuck the favorite materials of summer shoes.

Suede and nubuck look very soft in pastel colors.

Now in fashion velvet. If earlier this material was mainly used only in evening wear, now this fabric has become quite everyday: velvet sandals can be easily combined with denim, linen or knitted clothing. These options will be a bright accent in your summer look.

Velvet models look luxurious in red

Patent leather always attracts attention. Usually these sandals are worn under the dress for the evening, however, some models are suitable for everyday wear.

Lacquer sandals are suitable for those who appreciate elegant images

Trendy sandals for the summer of 2019: 40 photos of trends

Summer bows with sandals can be very diverse. No matter what style you prefer, you can find an option to your liking. If you are looking for new ideas for your wardrobe, consider the actual outfits that will fit your shoes.

Connoisseurs of convenience will surely like all kinds of sandals on the platform. You can combine them with the simplest clothes in the style of casual - the more concise bow you choose, the more stylish it will look. White shades of clothing are perfect for summer: they can be combined with eye-catching sandals.

Knitted dresses and bright sandals are perfect for a summer resort

If you appreciate daring androgynous bows, choose models of shoes with rivets and combine with leather clothing.

You can create a brutal bow with black leather sandals: for this, try them on with leather skinny pants

In the summer, you often want to dress particularly bright: yellow and orange shades look especially organic in the warm season. If you want to attract attention and charge others with a positive, create a catchy bow with sandals.

To look bright and cheerful this summer, you can make a bow in sunny yellow colors

Free silhouettes look interesting and go to almost everyone, because they perfectly hide possible figure flaws. Loose straight pants and flared tops are perfect for platform sandals.

Options on the platform fit the fashionable clothing oversight

Shorts with a long jacket look very original, and light sandals in these outfits will allow you to make the legs visually longer.

Beige platform shoes, a long wide open cardigan and shorts will make you look loose and elegant

Extreme mini can look good even with high-heeled shoes, if you choose a dress with long sleeves and sandals in a restrained color scheme.

Ethnic-style fringed shoes can look interesting in combination with lace

Jacket and tight pants are a win-win. In this set, any woman looks stylish, strictly and at the same time sexy. Miniature graceful stiletto sandals will complement the look.

Beige sandals are a versatile casual look.

Under the bright models of shoes, you can choose complex composite colors - for example, khaki shades look great in any situation.

Top lime sandals go perfectly with khaki chinos and a white top.

If you choose an outfit for the evening and appreciate the elegance, the usual black dress and exquisite shoes with shiny metal decor will do.

Laconic sandals can come up for the evening under a black dress and leather jacket, and as a bright accent you can take a red bag

The combination of different textures in the trend this summer: knitted sweaters, delicate lace and suede shoes will help create a sophisticated and distinctive urban bow.

Blue and white shades will create an exquisite summer bow

If you do not like to stand out from the crowd, you can make an interesting everyday set in muted gray shades. Massive black sandals will help to complete the image correctly. You should choose models with an interesting design, print or embroidery.

Black suede sandals blend harmoniously with gray tones.

Floral prints are always relevant. Under such feminine clothes, you can pick up shoes in soft pastel shades.

For feminine bow floor fashionable pink sandals, you can wear a dress with a floral print

Under beige sandals you can choose clothes in muted tones - for example, a combination with turquoise color will create a fresh and sophisticated look.

Suede closed-toe sandals can be combined even with extravagant sets: a straight dress, an oversized sweater and a hat will make you look exotic

Short playful dresses should be in every summer wardrobe, and you can wear them under comfortable sandals with heels and platform.

Flirty short dress will look great with light models on the heels and the platform

If you get simple leather sandals in brown colors, they will help you out in any situation - under such options you can wear any outfit in casual style.

Modern fashion gives priority to practicality and convenience: a light dress and sandals on a small platform will allow you to feel as comfortable as possible

Under the model of shoes with floral prints should choose bright clothes.

Casual shorts with a high waist and a striped cardigan look great with bright sandals.

Shoes on the platform looks quite original, so under it you should pick up things with unusual cut. Nevertheless, modern, unexpected silhouettes do not mean that the image will not be feminine.

Fashionable purple dress will perfectly match platform sandals with a futuristic design.

Under the massive leather shoes are great clothes made of flowing chiffon.

Leather models with wide heels look great with long flowing skirts

A white-boiled shirt and a straight black dress are a suitable bow for a city walk and for office work. You can complement the set with exquisite black stiletto sandals.

Knitted black dress of direct cut will ideally complement the model of shoes with a minimalist design

If you want to look bold and unexpected, you can choose bright sandals. It is better to combine them with simple laconic things, however the cut and materials can be original. For example, fit a free short dress and a transparent rain coat.

Suede sandals with a closed nose can be worn under an unusual transparent raincoat

Colored sandals are great for creating feminine looks with a silhouette from Dior: flared skirts ankle-high will look wonderful in summer.

Pleated skirt and tight knit top will create a bright and feminine bow in a romantic style combined with laconic sandals on the heel in tune with the top.

If you do not know what color range to choose under the black sandals, give preference to black and white. This is a classic combination, but at the expense of an interesting cut of things you can make the image original and individual.

Black and white bows with sandals look stylish and graphic

White clothes also look good with colored shoes or metallic models.

Bright open sandals will look good with the most closed bright clothes

Under the heels, it is not necessary to wear a feminine dress: jeans, a T-shirt and a massive cardigan will create a controversial and daring bow with sandals in 2019.

Platform sandals can be combined with unusual outfits - ripped jeans, a long cardigan and a bright hat will create a fresh and stylish look.

The blue color scheme goes to all of the exceptions, and it is also in trend in the new season. With dark blue clothes you can easily combine a variety of bright shoe models. For example, take yellow open shoes, blue overalls, and a white and blue jacket.

Graceful yellow sandals go perfectly with dark volumetric silhouettes.

Saturated lime tones will be the highlight in the image with a white dress.

Sandals in trendy lime shades look fresh and beautiful with white clothes

Black trousers, jacket and hat - this is a stylish urban kit, which can be successfully supplemented with open heel shoes.

An ordinary jacket and black pants will look stylish with stiletto sandals with a closed nose.

Midi blouses and skirts referring to vintage fashion can be accentuated with modern shoes.

Color models on the heels complement the discreet outfit with a silhouette in retro style

If you like trendy tomato shades of red to your taste, you can not be limited to bright sandals alone: ​​supplement them with other bright elements of clothing in the same colors.

Trendy sandals in tomato shades of red can be chosen to match the jumper and complete the bow with a white skirt and sandals

As part of the youth style, you can pick up flared short skirts and long shirts as plain shoes.

Mini-skirts will look great with minimalist models on the platform if you complement the outfit with a long-sleeved shirt

If you like the convenience and aesthetics of a pajama style, loose and light things can also be perfectly combined with open shoes.

Pajama-colored pants in perfect harmony with platform shoes

Graceful sandals with laces should be worn under unusual but restrained dresses

Dresses with an unusual cut perfectly fit to leather sandals with a complex design.

Massive fashionable options on the platform will make the bored romantic bow sharper and more interesting.

Connoisseurs of romantic style can make the image strong and independent thanks to shoes on a platform with a corrugated sole.

Under the usual shorts in the style of casual and a cropped top in the linen style fit sandals with a simple design.

Platform sandals can be combined with shorts and a trendy, cropped top, and a wide-brimmed hat allows you to successfully complete the look with sandals

For a more restrained bow, shorts can be combined with a white T-shirt.

Shiny gray sandals on a flat sole will be a bright accent in a simple everyday dress - wear them with shorts and a white t-shirt.

Black sandals on the platform can be combined with the most unusual clothes - they perfectly complement the catchy controversial images.

Unusual clothing with bright prints and modern cut will suit the trendy options on a level platform.

Laconic images in the trend within the urban style.

For youth bows wear a short knit dress of direct cut and leather models on a flat sole.

The black dress is a versatile outfit that fits any fashionable sandals.

Under bright nubuck heeled sandals, a tight-fitting black dress will always suit

Denim clothing is a practical and beautiful option for the summer. Perhaps blue jeans are so versatile that they fit under any sandals. You can choose pants, skirts, overalls, dresses or shirts.

Denim dress is perfect for sandals made of suede

If you want to create a bow in fashionable purple hues, you can combine them with white to make the set look more contrast and complete.

Модный лук в фиолетовых и сиреневых тонах выглядит ярко и аристократично

Босоножки наверняка пригодятся вам жарким летом, а разнообразие популярных моделей позволяет вписать их практически в любой стиль. Depending on what impression you want to make, you can choose both bright and discreet models. Feel free to experiment with styles, colors and textures to create a unique image.