50 Ideas how to make hair "bow of hair" step by step instructions


During the morning run, the bow hairstyle will not disintegrate, and on the red carpet it will attract admiring glances from those around

Fashionistas have long loved hair bow from the hair. It attracts attention, looks stylish and replaces fashionable expensive accessories. One of the main advantages: you can do it yourself and prepare for any event, even if there is not enough time left.

Depending on the size of the bow, the shape and method of creation, you can set the mood for the whole day

The hair bow is considered a universal hairstyle also because it can be made from even and curly strands on either side of the head.

The bow can be an independent hairstyle, and can decorate another, for example, a bun

Variety hairstyles

Hairdressers and stylists distinguish several varieties of hair bows:

  • on long hair;
  • on hair of medium length;
  • for short haircuts;
  • in combination with malvinka;
  • as an ornament of weaving;
  • bow on the side;
  • small bows.

Hairstyle is suitable for any style of clothing. During the morning run, it will not disintegrate, and on the red carpet will attract enthusiastic views of others. Depending on the size of the bow, the shape and method of creation, you can set the mood for the whole day.

Hair bow just adore girls, because with such a haircut they look like a Minnie Mouse mouse

Bow fit and elegant lady

A hair bow is considered a universal hairstyle also because it can be made from even and curly strands on either side of the head. However, it is not necessary to do it if the hair is in poor condition. Dull and brittle curls will not look good. The design will not suit girls with rough features: a large nose, a wide forehead and a rectangular chin will visually enlarge.

Hair bow can be worn with casual looks, and with evening dresses

An elegant bow will be a highlight in your look.

Children's playful bow

7 easy ways to make a bow of hair

Before you start creating any of the hairstyles, you need to determine the location of the bow. It can be on top, bottom, side, or a strand dotted with small bows. The color of the gum should choose the most similar to the hair, so that it was not noticeable.

Bow adorns the surround high beam

Before you start creating any of the hairstyles, you need to determine the location of the bow. It can be top, bottom, side.

  • Method 1. For long hair.

The first step is to collect the hair in a high tail. It is tightly tied with a rubber band. The second rubber band is fixed the tail so that it curls in half, forming a loop. At the same time, the ends should fall down in front of the frontal zone of the head. Then the resulting loop is divided into two equal parts with the tips falling to the forehead and fixed with invisible backs.

Hairstyle bow on long hair

Hairdo bow on long hair. Step 1-4

Hairdo bow on long hair. Step 5-8

Long hair allows for experimentation. Therefore, we can distinguish another method of creating a stylish bow at home. The tail is also made for it, but it is divided into three parts by rubber bands. Each gum should be carefully hidden behind a small strand, wrapping them and fixing them invisible. Then the split tail must be laid so that it is in front of the base of the tail. The tips can be evenly distributed behind the head, hidden in a bow, or positioned so that they look funny because of the hair.

Hair bow - stylish and original hairstyle

At the end, the hair is sprayed with varnish to keep well.

  • Method 2. On the hair of medium length.

First you need to gently comb all the hair in a high tail. While tightening them with a rubber band, it is not necessary to remove the hair to the end. There should be a loop, with an end that falls off in advance. The loop should be divided into two equal parts and smoothed in the middle. The front strand is shifted back, forming the middle of the bow. Carefully attached invisible.

How to make a bow of hair on medium hair

The tail can be tied in a different way. From the main tail is selected a small strand for the core and is fixed in front. Then the tail is divided into two parts using the second rubber band. It is fixed at the very tips. From the hair that remained between the elastic bands, is a loop. She left the strand rewound and closes the bow.

In conclusion, we fix the design with a lacquer of strong fixation.

A small bow decorating the high beam

  • Method 3. On short hair.

Owners of short haircuts rarely boast a beautiful hairdo. Usually they are costing styling or pile. However, do not deny yourself in female tricks. If you have patience, a bow of hair can be made on such hair.

From short hair you need to select the longest strands and turn the bow out of them.

First, you need to separate two identical strands in the temporal area and take them to the back of the head. There they are joined by a thin, almost imperceptible rubber band so that a small loop is obtained. That is, pull the tips out of the gum is not necessary. Then we divide the loop into two "ears" of the bow. Hairstyle is obtained from the bottom of the head. The bow should be fixed with additional barrettes so that it does not hang, to the bulk of the hair. The middle is done by a separate dedicated strand. It is best to select it in advance from above so as not to repeat all the manipulations anew.

Beautiful bow on the hair of a little girl

  • Method 4. In combination with malvinka.

Malvink's hairstyle is familiar to all girls since childhood. Its essence is that the side strands, twisted into thin flagella, to make a rim on the head. Behind, they are connected with a barrette or a rubber band, and the rest of the hair remains intact. To create an evening Malvinki, you can twist them, or vice versa, align.

Malvinka stylized bow of his own hair

Volumetric bow on the top decorates Malvink's hair

Owners of long hair are lucky. They can stylize the familiar Malvinka and use a beautiful bow of their own hair instead of the usual hairpin at the ends. So you can not only save on hairpins, but also surprise others with originality of hair.

Neat bow in malvinka hairstyle

How to make a bow at the crown. Step 1-4

How to make a bow at the crown. Step 5-8

The execution of this hairstyle is slightly different from the classic version. To do this, you need to collect not all the hair in the tail, but only select the top strands. It will not be very thick, but it will look great in the end. The bow itself is formed according to the previous scheme. The resulting loop of hair should be divided into equal parts, twist them together and fasten the core with a separate pre-prepared curl.

Malvinka with a bow of his own hair

Malvinka with a bow of his own hair. Step 1-3

Malvinka with a bow of his own hair. Step 4-6

Malvinka with a bow of his own hair. Step 7-9

  • Method 5. Bow as decoration weaving.

You can experiment with pigtails in different ways, creating new amazing images. Collected convenient hairstyle can be worn on daily walks, trips to shops, to work and to festive events. Hair bow with a pigtail will last long and will not spoil the mood of the fallen strands.

Bow on the top decorates a long braid

Bow decorates braid fishtail

To create it, you first need to braid the well-known braid-spikelet. But you need to weave it not in a standard way, but from the bottom up, starting from the neck, going up to the back of the head. To make it comfortable to weave, tilt your head forward, comb your hair well, and treat your hands with wax or gel. Further the usual French braid trudges. In the process, additional strands are selected from both sides and added to the main ones. When the braid is braided to the level of the head, you need to tie a rubber tail and a loop is formed from the remaining ends. The loop is smoothly turned into a bow, dividing it into two equal parts. The locks left in advance fix the core.

Colorful Hair Bow

Back French braid, turning into a bow

French braid, braided from the base of the neck, turning into a bow. Step-by-step instruction

Braids can be weaved in different ways in all directions. The main thing is to leave part of the hair to create a bow.

  • Method 6. Bow on the side.

For hairstyles need a beautiful gum. First, the hair should be divided into four parts. They should be the same, so the zone from the ear to the ear is allocated, and then the comb draws a line in the middle of the head. All the hair for the hair is not needed. It is necessary to choose one of the parts, depending on which side the bow should be made of.

Bow on the top of the side

A strong tail is formed from the selected hair with a rubber band. You need to tie a loop with a beautiful rubber band, and hide all the ends under it. From the loop is formed a bow, whose ears should be well straightened so that they are voluminous. Secure the design with stealth or studs. To keep a neat look for a long time, you can use varnish.

Hair that remained can be left flowing, slightly twisting the individual strands, align or braid in braids - any creative wish.

  • Method 7. Small bows.

The basis of the hairstyle is the French braid, however, having gotten to do small neat bows on their own, they can be introduced by separate elements into other hairstyles. For ease of weaving, you will need one large hairpin for work and many small ones for fastenings. In the standard version, bows are located on the sides of the head, but in fact they can be made diagonally, along the fringe, around the head or behind.

Back French braid, studded with small bows

Spit of bows across the head

For a hairstyle, you need to comb your hair and divide it in an even part into two equal parts. A hair strand of 1-2 cm in size is separated near the parting. If the bows are to be large, you can take a strand thicker. It is removed from the rest of the hair mass separately.

On the right side you need to braid a tight French braid and tie the tip with an elastic band. Next begins the formation of bows. Separate the pre-strand need to sprinkle with water or varnish. A large hairpin is threaded through one binding of the braid and catches the loop of the treated strand, pulling it out.

A small bow on the back of his head

It turns out a bow, the size of which can be adjusted by changing the size of the loops. The tail that remains from the strand should be put along the braid, the next strand will hide it.

Repeat the action to the end of the spit.

Tip!Before you do hair, hair need to prepare. Pure and dried, they will be obedient, especially in combination with gel and mousse for fixing. For more shine, you can use wax.

Tail decorating

Bow Tail

Step by Step Creation

To create a hairstyle, you should prepare in advance a few thin, almost imperceptible elastic bands and invisible hairpins or hairpins. A comb with rare teeth and styling should be in every woman of fashion.

  • First step. For additional volume, you must initially twist the strands on large curlers. It is enough to choose those hairs that are in the triangle of the parietal zone. Visually, it has the shape of a letter V.

Step by Step instructions for creating a horse tail decorating bow

  • The second step. The rest of the hair should be collected in the tail at the back of the head. No need to do it too high, it will interfere. Hair will not decay in different directions, if you pre-process your hands with wax or gel. The top strand is extracted from the resulting tail and an elastic band is attached above it, it will be needed in the process of completing the design.
  • The third step. At the bottom of an elastic band, another tail is formed so that the hair is divided into two equal parts. A neat bow is formed from these strands. It is firmly fixed invisible. You can hide the tips directly in the right or left half of the bow. They can serve as an additional volume for the hair.

Step by step instructions create banta-Malvinki

  • Fourth step. Left strand helps to make the middle of the bow. It must be placed in the middle and secured with pins. It is fixed from the bottom, and the ends are also hidden inside the bow loops.

Hairstyle with bow and greek dressing

Hairstyle with bow and greek dressing. Step 1-4

Hairstyle with bow and greek dressing. Step 5-8

Hairstyle with bow and greek dressing. Step 9-10

  • Fifth step. Strands that did not participate in the creation of the bow and remained on the sides should be twisted into flagella and also hidden in the construction.
  • Sixth step. Complete the overall picture need styling bangs. Looks impressive light wave. The entire hairstyle is treated with strong hold hairspray.

Hairstyle bow of hair is suitable for perfectly smooth hair, and curly by nature

Bow entwined with a pigtail and adorned with a beautiful barrette

Bows of ribbons with their own hands: simple, fast and beautiful

There is not always time and desire to do hair on their own. For such cases, you can stock up with original bows of their own production from ribbons. They can be made in different sizes, shapes, colors. Any hairstyle will look bright and stylish with a homemade accessory.

To make a simple satin ribbon bow, you need to arm yourself with 20 cm of ribbon and a good mood. The material is folded in half and a loop is obtained, which is lowered down. The resulting two small loops cross each other.

The decoration for your hairstyles can be made with your own hands.

For a flower-shaped bow, it is recommended to choose a ribbon of average width. It is twisted in such a way that the first coil received is crossed with a tip crosswise. Repeat the action must be repeatedly, until you get a flower of the desired splendor. It is fastened with the help of the last turn and knot in the center.

A bright pink wide ribbon bow can complement your tender look.

Ribbon bow can be put on the elastic band or attached to the hair with a barrette

A small bow is convenient to do with a regular plug. To do this, the fork is wrapped with a thin ribbon so that one edge is free. It should be about 5 cm in length. This end is wrapped around the plug and pulled out at the bottom of the short edge. Then this tip is held in the middle of the cutlery teeth at the top of the ribbon and lowered. It remains only to thread the end of the tape into the loop that has formed.