How to paint eyebrows with a pencil and shadows - Full review


Eyebrows frame the face, make expressive eyes. Your appearance depends on their shape.

Beautiful, well-groomed eyebrows of harmonious form - this is the basis of a spectacular and attractive makeup. Correctly decorated brow arcs can make a feminine image more refined, give it completeness and harmony. With each season, fashion dictates more and more new trends in make-up, and every year we will learn anew how to properly color eyebrows - for example, for many years, thin, almost imperceptible eyebrows were the "thread" at the peak of popularity. Today, the trend is bright, expressive eyebrows, thick and fairly wide. But what about those girls who are not among the lucky owners of ideal features? Of course, resort to using cosmetics.

The right shape and color of eyebrows is the key to a successful image.

How to choose the shape and color

Before you start applying makeup, you should pay maximum attention to the shape and color of this part of the face, because the final result depends on how harmoniously your eyebrows look.

Straight eyebrow

Eyebrow with a sharp bend angle

Tip! The selection of the shape of eyebrows can not be treated negligently. Too thick, straight edges give the face an angry, displeased expression, and thin “strings” make the face a little surprised, childishly naive. Eyebrow shape should be as close as possible to the rest of the facial features.

It is necessary to dwell on the following factors:

  • The form.
  • Colour.
  • Density.

To create the perfect eyebrows, there are special stencils

The first thing you need to decide - what kind of eyebrows is ideal for your type of appearance. There are several types of this part of the face - straight, rounded, curved. At the same time, they may have a soft or sharp bend angle, which must also be taken into account. The ideal form is defined as follows:

  1. Attach a pencil to the face, connecting two points - the outer border of the wings of the nose and to the forehead, through the inner corner of the eye. The resulting point becomes the beginning of the brow.
  2. Next, we determine the bending angle — to do this, we draw a line from the outer wing of the nose, through the outer side of the iris of the eye, to the forehead. This point serves as a center, a bend.
  3. The final stage is to draw a line from the wing of the nose to the temple, through the outer corner of the eye. At this level, the hairs must end.

    You can determine the ideal shape of the eyebrow by this scheme.

Eyebrow thickness should also be symmetrical and harmonious. In most cases, makeup artists consider it ideal to be perfect if the eyebrow is slightly raised from the beginning to the bend and has the same thickness. From the bend and to the tip, the eyebrow should be slightly thinned, becoming more elegant.

Eyebrow from the beginning to the bend should be slightly raised and have the same thickness. From the bend and to the tip, the eyebrow should be slightly thinner, becoming more elegant.

Excessively raised eyebrows make facial expressions surprised

Thanks to the so-called three-line rule, you can achieve the perfect shape of brow arcs. The next important point is brow density.

Tip! Thinking about what brow density will be optimal, you should definitely take into account the features of your appearance. With large facial features, thick, rather wide eyebrows should be preferred; with thin features, thin eyebrows are the best option. If you make the eyebrows thicker and thicker, then they will strongly contrast with the thin features of the face.

If the hairs are too long, they can be shortened slightly with ordinary nail scissors. If the problem is radically opposite and your eyebrows are rare, with the help of cosmetics you can give them the perfect shape and thickness.

As for the brow color, it should be as natural and natural as possible. Despite all the trendy trends, a fragile blonde with thick black eyebrows looks just ridiculous, like a brunette with whitish or brown eyebrows. Makeup artists advise girls to remember the golden rule - the color of eyebrow hair should be about 1-2 shades darker than the shade of hair.

The color of eyebrow hairs should be about 1-2 shades darker than the hair color.

The perfect eyebrow shape for each type of face

Absolutely any eyebrows will suit girls with an oval face shape.

Chin-eyed girls with a soft curve

Happy owners perfect oval faces can safely experiment with the shape and thickness of the eyebrows - they are suitable for a variety of options. It can be thick eyebrows, rounded, straight, with a soft or sharp bend.

With round face one should choose a form of eyebrows that will visually “pull” the face, making it sleeker and more refined. The perfect solution will be curved eyebrows with a soft or sharp corner. You should not experiment with rounded edges - they will make the face even rounder and wider.

Women with square face type It is recommended to focus on the beautiful, curved brow arcs of rounded shape, which visually make a square face more harmonious and softer.

Girls with heart shaped face or with wide, angular cheekbones, it is best to opt for wide eyebrows with a smooth curve. Due to this shape, facial features soften, angularity becomes less pronounced.

Women with a square face type are advised to focus on beautiful, curved brow arcs of rounded shape that visually make a square face more harmonious and softer.

With a round face, the perfect solution will be curved eyebrows with a soft or sharp corner.

How to paint eyebrows with pencil, shadows

On the way to perfection, a modern woman doesn’t stop at almost anything, and the imperfect shape of her eyebrows also does not become an obstacle. To achieve the ideal, a variety of tricks and cosmetics are used - most often it is a pencil, eyebrow shadows or the most cardinal correction method in the form of eyebrow dye.

The necessary set of tools for beautiful eyebrows

Eyebrow correction with a pencil

The most common and easy to use is considered a pencil for eyebrows. Before you start painting eyebrows, you need to choose the right pencil, keeping in mind some rules:

  • Eyebrow pencil should be firm and persistent. In no case is it recommended to use products with a bold texture - such lines will not be sufficiently clear and after some time will simply blur. It is best to buy a resistant or ultra-resistant pencil.
  • Do not use eyebrow pencils for eyebrows. They are too soft and fat, and therefore after a while will be smeared.
  • The pencil should be sharp - it should be carefully sharpened with a special sharpener, being careful not to damage the stylus.

How to paint eyebrows. Step 1

How to paint eyebrows. Step 2-3

How to paint eyebrows. Step 4

Today, cosmetic stores sell eyebrow pencils, which are supplied with special brushes for combing eyebrow hairs or sponges, which are used to feather the pencil. Such means 2 in 1 are very convenient and easy to use, making the makeup more expressive and natural.

The main advantage of using eyebrow pencil is that this tool allows you to apply light, thin strokes that naturally color eyebrows, giving them a beautiful, harmonious shape. As mentioned above, the color of the eyebrows should be one or two tones darker than the shade of the hair. Pencil color should be chosen according to the same principle.

Herself pencil drawing technique looks like this - the eyebrow must be gently combed with a special brush so that the hairs are laid in the right direction. After that, with a pencil, apply light strokes between the hairs, not drawing a clear line, but applying light strokes. Need to draw in the direction of hair growth.

Technique drawing eyebrow pencil. Step 1-2

Technique of applying a pencil for eyebrows and feathering. Step 3-4

Tip! In no case should you draw a single solid line or strongly press on a pencil - in this case, you can get an absurd, unnatural picture. All movements should be as light and easy as possible.

When using eyebrow pencil, you need to remember a few simple rules:

  • The strokes are best applied in several rows - first apply the bottom row of strokes, and then treat the top.
  • Starting to paint the eyebrows is best from the nose to the tip of the eyebrow. In this case, at first, the hairs should be colored softly and smoothly, on the brow bend - more clearly and pronounced, and for the "tail" quite a few strokes are enough.

Beautiful and neat eyebrows, made up with a pencil

  • If you want to get bright and expressive eyebrows, comb the hairs down a bit, draw a line with a pencil and brush the hair as usual.
  • With the help of the sponge line should be a little shade.
  • After the “session” of drawing is finished, gently brush the hairs of the eyebrows, fix the eyebrow with fixing gel if necessary.

Tip! A common mistake of many women in the pursuit of beauty is the use of a charcoal black eyebrow pencil. If you do not want to look ridiculous, remember - these tools can only be used by burning brunettes.

In addition to the pencil you can adjust the shape and thickness of the eyebrows with the help of shadows. The advantage of shadows is that with their help you can get a brighter, more natural and natural result. Shadows draw softer and more voluminous lines than a pencil. The application technique is practically the same as using a pencil - in the same way, thin strokes are applied between the hairs, in the direction of their growth. The basic rules for coloring eyebrows with shadows:

You can also adjust the shape of the eyebrows with the help of shadows.

  • The first rule of a beautiful, natural make-up - the choice of suitable cosmetics. It should be remembered that for eyebrow makeup you need to choose only matte eye shadow without gloss. The smallest grain of nacre - and you will look as if you are gathered at the New Year's carnival.
  • In order to make a spectacular make-up shadow, you need to take care of a suitable brush. If you apply the shadow with a wide brush, you get too wide and unnatural eyebrows. Try to find a thin, sharp brush in the store. In the extreme case, if you do not have such a brush, you can use the usual cotton swab.
  • As in the case of using a pencil, and eye shadows should be painted eyebrows only after the foundation and powder is applied. Otherwise, the tonal tools, which are applied to the already painted eyebrows, will make the lines uneven and blurred.
  • Shadows should have a firm and stable consistency; they should not crumble or have a crumbly structure. The harder the cosmetic is, the more beautiful the result will be.

The technique of applying shadows is identical to the pencil

Coloring eyebrows with the help of shadows has several disadvantages, the main of which is the lack of durability of such makeup. In the case of heat, sweating, swimming in the sea or a river, or simply getting wet in the rain, the eyebrows will simply “float” and lose their ideal outlines. To do this, fans of eyebrow correction with shadows should always carry their favorite cosmetic in the purse and tint the eyebrow from time to time throughout the day.

Eyebrow makeup, made by the shadows, it turns out more natural and natural, and therefore great for everyday looks. If you want to get brighter and more saturated eyebrows, which can become the main focus in the evening make-up, it is best to draw them with a pencil.

Speaking about the advantages and disadvantages of shadows and make-up pencils, it is worth emphasizing that with all the magnificence of the range in cosmetic stores, the color palette of pencils is still much narrower than the shadows. Many girls with rare, unusual hair color just can not find for themselves the perfect eyebrow pencil. The huge variety of shades of shadows allows you to quickly solve this problem.

Shadows are less resistant than a pencil, but they have a wider palette of shades.

Is it necessary to paint eyebrows at all?

To paint or not to paint eyebrows is a decision, of course, each woman accepts for herself independently. Some of the fair sex consider their eyebrows ideal and not in need of any correction. Also, in most cases, many modern girls prefer permanent makeup - a special type of tattoo, in which a special coloring pigment is applied to the eyebrows. After tattooing, you do not need to paint eyebrows - their ideal form will require correction only after 3-4 weeks.

You can not bother with daily makeup, and paint the eyebrows with special paint. This make-up is enough for several months.

Behind eyebrows requires regular care - as complex and systematic as for other parts of the face. It is necessary to lubricate the skin in the area of ​​the brow arches with a moisturizing or nourishing cream, use a variety of masks and scrubs. You can also use special cosmetics for the growth of eyebrows, which can be purchased at popular online stores or beauty salons. Such cosmetic preparations can be successfully replaced with burdock, almond or castor oil - as a result, you will get strong, beautiful and healthy eyebrow hairs.