Greek hairstyles (55 photos): tenderness and femininity in one curl


The image of the beautiful and feminine Aphrodite - squeak the last few seasons in the field of hairstyles

The hairstyle of the Greek woman for several years attracts romance and simplicity. Beautiful goddesses do not leave the pages of the magazine. The elegant and sensual image of Aphrodite beckons and seduces. You can try this hairstyle for going out, for a formal dinner, for a walk with your loved one, for nature. Greek hairstyle is an important attribute of many brides. She herself is beautiful, and in combination with a dress and accessories in the Greek style can conquer more than one heart. A variety of options for Greek hairstyles allows you to choose the image for any hair: short and long, thick and light.

Greek hairstyle is both simple, romantic and practical

Greek hairstyle is suitable for everyday look and for celebrations.

The image of Aphrodite: who suits

The image of the Greek woman is easily recognizable by flowing, flowing outlines. To create this hairstyle does not require much effort and skill. Accessories used to create it, do not need to search for a long time and order separately. Creating a goddess hairstyle is as simple as a Greek woman herself. What are some Greek hairstyles? How to perform a hair with ribbons, rim and bandage?

Accessories, selected in the Greek style, can be varied: hoops, ribbons, headbands, studs. Every girl is able to choose what keeps her curls

The Greek hairstyle, in fact, is composed of curls, curly strands. For girls with flowing airy hair, this option is just perfect

Greek hairstyle - a real challenge for short hair

The Greek hairstyle, in fact, is composed of curls, curly strands. For girls with flowing airy hair, this option is just perfect. A girl with straight hair needs some patience and effort to create this masterpiece. Straight strands should be slightly curled at the tips.

Accessories, selected in the Greek style, can be varied: hoops, ribbons, headbands, studs. Each girl is able to choose what keeps her curls.

Owners of short hair, you can use a rim or ribbon. Long thick hair can be decorated with the help of the Greek tail, framing the face with light curls. The average length is perfectly perfectly twisted into a bandage and will not break under the weight.

If you look at the ancient Greek statues, you can find them popular today Greek hair

Hairstyle from sunny Greece will suit any type of face. Owners of an oval shape can choose any variation - from the strands gathered on the crown to the curls picked upwards. The rectangular face of such an option is very brighten, softening its natural shape. You should take into account its features when choosing a variant of Greek hairstyle owners of a round or triangular face. Circle should be framed with caution, this model hairstyle can visually enhance the circle. For a triangular face, you should choose strands from the top down, for example, the Greek tail. Wool in the lower part of the face will not bring femininity, but, on the contrary, will focus on the cheekbones.

Gentle and romantic image with a golden diadem.

Types of "Greek" accessories

The basis of the Greek hairstyle is collected behind the hair. Long strands can be bonded into a bundle or make up a tail or braid. The face is framed by light wavy strands. On this basis was created many variations of styling. The most common:

  • the Greek knot, its variety is Corimbos;
  • hairstyle hetera;
  • Apollo bow or cicada;
  • greek tail;
  • Greek Spit;
  • Greek hairstyle with a bandage or ribbon;
  • Greek hairstyle with a rim.

Dexterous female pens will cope with a Greek hairstyle in minutes

To create a masterpiece in the Greek style with your own hands you need to be patient and a set of necessary accessories

Braided braid - once, curled curls - two, gathered the remaining hair in a bun - Greek hair is ready

Many different variations of the Greek hairstyle has created a variety of various accessories. The first thing you need to buy is hairspray and curling styling tricks (hair curlers, stylers, curling irons, and, at worst, well-known rags for wrapping strands).

In addition to these funds, you will also need direct accessories for creating hair styles: hairpins, combs, headbands, headbands, flowers, starfish. A dressing that has come into fashion since the days of the hippie, or hirat, will work best. Lovers of extravagant and very bright image of this hairstyle may not like because of its simplicity. The bright colors of the hairatnik are not suitable for this installation. The purpose of the hairstyle is prettiness and tenderness.

Sometimes the image of the Greek goddess can be recreated using only one thematic element. In this case, it is a golden tiara

Too eye-catching accessory will distract attention from the image and the most hair and will look pretentious. Headbands and pastel shades look good in styling. For ceremonial events, such as the red carpet or weddings, you can pick up things styled as precious metals or precious stones: silver and gold, stones and rhinestones. Small beads on the rim also look great.

The basis of many Greek hairstyles is the image of the Greek chariot.

Greek hairstyle looks great on bulky, curly curls, girls with straight hair must first be wound

The color of the bandage or rim is directly dependent on the color of the hair or clothing. This accessory should not merge with the hair color of its owner. It should be either darker or lighter than your own strands.

In the form of a rim, you can use a small pigtail. But it should be remembered that a black hair does not fit a pigtail of white color and vice versa. You can pick it up with a difference of a maximum of two tones. If there is a need to use two or more accessories, one should be left almost neutral, and the second one should be brighter. In this case, the romance will continue and there will not be a bland hue in the image. Haircuts can be similar in color to the hair, and hairpins are studded with beads and stones. If the bezel is already stylized, the studs should not be visible. Owners of long non-curly hair should first curl them in the form of curls.

Greek hairstyle for loose hair with a rim of their own braids

Stylish and laconic Greek knot

Knot of the Greek nymph

For this hairstyle, the length of the strands is not important. Laying will require studs, headbands or ribbons.

On slightly damp hair, you need to apply hair foam and comb the strands. For this fit a comb with large teeth.

Greek knot - romantic and businesslike

How to make a Greek knot

  • Hair should be dried well. If it is possible to use nozzles for volume, it should definitely be done. A cold air jet and a volume brush can also create volume. Hair should be dried for the entire length, except the ends.
  • A special comb should be parted. It can be both straight and diagonal.
  • Strands larger should be curled along the entire length. To do this, use styler or curling. Strands should be curled all over the head.
  • Curly locks gather in the tail just above the head. It can be located parallel to the nose. Do not do it very high. For the assembly will require a small rubber band. Do not seek accuracy, it is not a pony tail. In this hairstyle must be present image freedom. Combing the resulting tail is also not worth it.
  • To decorate the head of the hairstyle, several headbands are worn, usually two or three, and a volume of hair is created between them.
  • Strands of tail nazyvayut and plaits spread around the gum. Each curl at the base is fastened with a pin.
  • Mandatory styling should be made with hairspray.

How to make a Greek knot. Step 1-3

How to make a Greek knot. Step 4-7

How to make a Greek knot. Step 8-9

This hairstyle is suitable for a date and a wedding with the appropriate design.

As there are no two identical people, so there are no two identical Greek hairstyles. Each time the same option will be different - it all depends on how the curls will form

Negligence in such hairstyles is welcome. Gods allowed all

The Greek knot, on the one hand, is very simple; on the other, it is incredibly romantic.

Corimbos: subtleties of performance

This is a variation of the Greek knot. Its difference lies in the technique of performance and location. Perform it lower than normal. He seems to lie at the base of the neck. This look looks even more feminine than the first. It is also not difficult to perform it:

  • The hair is divided into three equal parts vertically.
  • The middle part is collected in the gum as low as possible.
  • From the created tail we make a twisted bundle and fasten it with the help of studs.
  • Each of the side strands collected in a braid, a little straightened (like a French braid) for volume.
  • We twist the bundle over the braids and, having scratched the ends, send them under the bundle.
  • Fix hair hairstyles and sprinkle with varnish.

Korimbos with a scythe and a volume beam. Step 1-2

Korimbos with a scythe and a volume beam. In this hairstyle you will need a donut for the beam. Step 3-6

Korimbos with a scythe and a volume beam. Step 7-8

Variations of the Greek knot

Variations of the Greek knot

Another option is also easy to perform:

  • Braid two thin braids on the sides of the back of the head. Hair taken from the middle.
  • The rest of the hair is thoroughly combed in the upper part.
  • Two temporal locks fasten the back with gum.
  • The rest of the combed hair is also going to rubber band closer to the ends of the strands.
  • Gently tuck the hair up. On top of them carefully fasten with studs and pins.
  • Pigtails roll up around the hair.

This variation should be fixed more carefully than the first option. Straight strands hold harder than twisted.

Korimbos with a bunch of braids

Korimbos with a bunch of braids. Step 1-2

Korimbos with a bunch of braids. Step 3-5

Korimbos from braids

Tail and braid originally from Greece

For laying every day is great Greek tail. To create it:

  • hair should be prepared, slightly curling them;
  • strands are tied at the top of the head with a scrunchy or ribbon;
  • you should carefully wash your hair with a stream of modeling hairspray, otherwise strands strive to constantly get out of the tail;
  • in curls can be put beads and ribbons along the entire length.

Greek tail - elegant and stylish

Depending on the jewelry, this hairstyle can be done both on a date and on a graduation party under an appropriate dress.

Greek hairstyle as a bride

The versatility of Greek hairstyles is that they are suitable for both long and short hair.

The Greek Spit is more complex in its styling. It is suitable for long and short hair. It is braided in various variations. A cleanser is applied on clean hair (foam or mousse). A strand of dried hair is separated from the temple and braided in a pigtail. If the hair is thin, weave the braid not tight, slightly pulling the curls of the braid (as in French). When weaving you need to pick up the free curls on the sides. Braiding such a braid with the capture of up to half, then continue an ordinary braid. The result is hidden under the main part of the hair. Also known is the option when weaving two such braids from different sides and fix them behind the back crosswise in the form of a rim. The tail, created as a continuation of the braid, will also look beautiful. This is a peculiar combination of the Greek braid and tail.

Greek outfit complemented by stunningly beautiful braid and tiara

Weave braids and twisted curls, connected to the Greek hairstyle

Greek hairstyle with rim

Styling options for this hairstyle are many. Basic or classic styling is created for hair without bangs. The hair in the direct part is combed back and threaded under the bezel, which must cross the back of the head at the back. As the curls are wrapped, the bezel should hide under them. And all the curls fill optional. The remaining strands can be arranged in a kind of tail or left to fall on the shoulders. Comb or even strand should not be. It is necessary to give the image a romantic and casual look. Such curls are usually wound.

Greek hairstyle with a rim - classics of the genre

How to twist the hair under the bezel. Step 1-2

How to twist the hair under the bezel. Step 3-4

The easiest version of the Greek hairstyle with a rim

The second option is wound on the bezel immediately. Then it is put on the head, straightening the strands so that they completely close the bezel.

Greek hairstyle with rim and braids. Step 1-4

Greek hairstyle with rim and braids. Step 5-8

Greek hairstyle with rim and braids

The third option is done on the oblique parting. Strands comb, create a bundle on the back of the head. After that, such a bundle is disassembled a little. The locks are pulled out and attached outside the bundle. It can be decorated with a rim, pins. If desired, for example, for the wedding, you can put fresh flowers or buttonholes in the bezel. A light, airy tiara can be worn over the head. Time spent on this hairstyle a little, about ten or fifteen minutes.

Haircut with a braid braided over the rim. Step 1-4

Haircut with a braid braided over the rim. Step 5-8

Hairstyle with a braid braided over the rim

Goddess of the evening

Greek hairstyles smash all their magnificence during the outlets. A bride with such styling is simply divine. Easy open dress perfectly harmonizes with curly and flying curls. They can be fixed with light ribbons to match the dress.

More brides are choosing Greek hairstyles for a wedding look.

Greek knot decorated with delicate flowers

Boutonnieres or fresh flowers in a bunch or in addition to the Greek tail can be combined with the bouquet of the girl or with the color scheme of the entire wedding. Hair can be decorated with pearls, ribbons, stones and rhinestones, which will sparkle wonderfully in curls. Any bride with this hairstyle will look more tender and easier. Insufficiently magnificent hair thanks to a pile and curly strands will look very beautiful.

A light bun and elegant tiara is a stylish and romantic wedding look.

Airy Greek hairstyle with a hoop of flowers

Greek hairstyle - beautiful and concise

Laying can be made in the form of a Greek braid. This styling has gained wide popularity among brides. The gentle braid serves as a certain frame of the girl’s face.

Great Variety of Greek HairstylesDelicate image of a bride with a hairstyle in the Greek style

Open neck favorably emphasizes hairstyle with a bandage or rim. Variations with the Greek tail allow different accessories to be woven into the hair. The presence of a tiara can also offer styling options. If the tiara is small, strands can be left in the tail, if high - pick higher. If during a wedding or graduation party curls come out of her hair, it is easy to fix it. Sometimes correct trickles naughty curls should not be. This will give a touch of naturalness and negligence, which is very touching around.

Variant of everyday hairstyles in the Greek style. Step 1-4

Variant of everyday hairstyles in the Greek style. Step 5-8

Variant of everyday hairstyles in the Greek style. Step 9-10

Fantasy is able to come up with a huge number of different styles and trends in clothing and hairstyles. Do not forget about the Greek makeup. The style from distant ancient Greece will remain the style of tenderness, lightness, femininity and romance. He will always create a Goddess from any girl.